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Józef Pajestka, Global Change and Polish Problems

Józef Pajestka, Global Change and Polish Problems
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Myopia is a salient feature of contemporary civilization. It inhibits rational comprehension and pollcles, particularly in countries lagging behind in civilizational change. This is a seminal diagnosis of contemporary Poland and it also explains the main intentions of the book.
We find philosophic considerations on predictability of human change in the future. Development of thinking on the "human predicamenf or, as the Authors prefers, on the "syndrome of global civilization crisis," is surveyed and lessons thereof analyzed.
Against the backdrop of global analysis, the historie and present problematique of Poland is considered, The Author places Poland's situation withln a wider geostrategic set up and draws conclusions thereof.
An important part of the book is devoted to problems of systemie transformations, which constitute the main concern of policy. The analysis is also carried out within a specific philosophical framework. The Author conlends that certain failures of transformation are due to new, dogmatic thinking, ignoring pragmatic rationality. This part of the book will be considered most interesting, though also controversial.
Professor Józef Pajestka, by education lawyer and economist, is a member of the Polish Academy of Sciences and former professor of Warsaw University. He was director of the Institute of Planning and of the Institute of Econornic Sciences of the Academy.
In the recent few years he is concentrating on global problems. In 1990 he published his basie book Prolegomena to the Global Rationality of the Mankind (Towards Greater Rationality of Evolutionary Processes) and Econpmic Theorizing and New Challenges in Human Evolutionary Process, in 1991 Polish Frustrations and Challenges. The Author has been a member of the Club of Rome since the midseventies, for some 20 years he participated in the work of the UN Committee for Development.

Rok wydania: 1993
Wydanie pierwsze
Format 146x200 mm
Liczba stron: 248
Oprawa miękka
ISBN 83-85505-07-5
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Projekt okładki i stron tytułowych: Magdalena Maria Gozdek

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